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Neologization (Coining New Words)


NEOLOGISM for INTERNET (coined in Port Augusta in April 2013)

Reclaimed Barngarla: irbiyarnoo

irbi ‘information’ + yarnoo ‘net’



Reclaimed Barngarla: GABIWA

Barngarla GABIWA is modelled upon Te Reo Māori rorohiko ‘computer,

lit. ‘lightning brain’, compounding of roro ‘brain’ + hiko ‘lightning’ (and the latter consequently ‘electricity’).

The Kaurna word, which was a calque of the Māori, is mukarndo, lit. ‘lightning brain’ ,

a portmanteau blending of mukamuka ‘brain’ (note the reduplication) + karndo ‘thunder, lightning’ 



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